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Can you imagine a Techno dancing competition? Yeah, a bunch of people dressed in all black two-stepping for hours. Or maybe a contest for Trance dancing? See who can shuffle the best. The most entertaining would probably be a Dubstep dancing championship, although it's best we leave those moves on the dancefloor. Since none of these actually exist, we are only left with our imagination, but if we take a little trip back in time to 1979, we get a glimpse of the magic that was the Disco Dancing World Championships. 

Held at the Empire Ballroom in London, 32 competitors from around the world came together for the second annual competition. Each contestant represented a different country and showcased their unique style. Watch the videos below to see the nostalgic moves and find out who gets crowned the winner at the end. I would have picked the homie from Bermuda or the woman from Columbia, but that's just me.

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[photo by John Vance]

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