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Los Angeles based producer Elusive is no stranger to offbeat productions. For some, it may be extremely difficult to experiment with tempos, but Elusive seems to do it with ease. He's getting ready to drop his new album on Alpha Pup Records, which furthers his exploration into the unknown and unconventional.

His forthcoming album, Textures, is sure to grab the attention of the beat-making community with it's complex rhythm structures and atmospheric textures. He has a unique way of highlighting the crackling lo-fi static that permeates throughout the release, revealing beauty in something that might be not otherwise be seen. 'Rollin Stoned' is a clear representation of this and you can expect to hear even more variations of his textural experimentation when the album drops at the end of the month.

Elusive's forthcoming album Textures is due out February 26th via Alpha Pup. Purchase Here

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