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Watch Eric Prydz Perform Tribute to Daft Punk and New Order

'Harder Better Faster' by Daft Punk and 'Blue Monday' by New Order featured in Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0 live show
Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0

Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0

The possibilities are truly endless with the new live show from Eric Prydz. He's been captivating fans all across the country and recently performed a brilliant tribute to Daft Punk and New Order that is definitely worth checking out. If you're not able to make it out to one of the EPIC 4.0 sets, you're not alone and a new video has surfaced that will give you even more FOMO.

Prydz' new live performance is proving to be one of the best and most technologically advanced concerts on the planet with it's 3D mapping and blaring lights. If you get the chance to witness his EPIC 4.0 show, make sure you get yourself a good spot because you don't want to miss a second.

Paying homage to the all-time greats of dance music, Prydz skillfully mixes the iconic vocal sample of 'Harder Better Faster' by Daft Punk with the equally revolutionary beat of 'Blue Monday' by New Order. Watch the video below to see it all unfold. 

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