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Family Guy Makes Fun of Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey and Shazam

We would expect nothing less from Family Guy
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Daft Punk really can't catch a break with Family Guy. Back in December they were featured in an episode where the pair of producers were trolled for winning a Grammy. Now they are the butt of a new joke, this time being mistaken for Billy Joel.

When 'Around The World' comes on the jukebox, Peter and the gang get the Daft Punk track confused for one by Billy Joel. The only member at the table who seems to be down with Daft Punk is Quagmire, who immediately needs to correct Peter.

To set the record straight, Cleveland pulls out his phone and opens the Shazam app, which recognizes the track correctly. Then things get really interesting when Peter asks what would happen if he farted into the app. It's a hilarious take on popular trends that are going around at the moment and Family Guy plays it's part to the tee.

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You can watch it all unfold in the clip below.

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