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Fight Clvb Receive a Cease & Desist Letter Over 'Donald Trump' Video

Donald Trump is not happy with Fight Clvb's new track and issues a list of demands in a Cease & Desist letter

Fight Clvb recently released their new track 'Donald Trump' that's getting a lot of attention as of late. The track itself is dope, but the production duo put the icing on the cake with a hilarious music video. Everyone seems to be getting a kick out of it, except for the one at the butt of the joke, Mr. Donald Trump himself. 

In order to put a stop to all the shenanigans, Trump's camp sent a Cease & Desist letter to Fight Clvb demanding the video and track to be taken down. 

The letter reads:

It has come to our attention that you have constructed a song that uses our client Donald Trump’s name and likeness. We are also aware that the song is for sale […] Neither clearance nor consent has been requested or granted to you.

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If Fight Clvb is to comply with the order, they are two do the following four things: remove the song from all online music marketplaces, turn over all project files of the track, pledge that they will not reference Donald Trump in any future projects and submit that in  writing.  

Fight Clvb took to social media to outline the situation. They talked to their lawyers who said that the Cease & Desist is just a scare tactic and that they shouldn't comply with the order just yet. 

The video is still live, for now. Watch it here:

[via: Your EDM]

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