Back in November 2015, John Frusciante released an album of electronic experiments for free download that consisted of tracks with a bit of an Aphex Twin style. Before that he released his debut album under his Trickfinger alias that leaned toward the Acid realm of electronic music. Now he has announced a new forthcoming release, this time taking his sound in a different direction once again. 

To release his new EP, titled Foregrow, Frusciante will be back with Acid Test, the same label that released his Trickfinger debut.

On the new EP we can expect to hear variations of Jungle and footwork elements along with the recognizable sounds of the  TB-303 synth. RA has also stated that the music is inspired by the composer John Carpenter's "eternal scores". Which can make any fan of his music excited with anticipation. Stay posted for track previews coming soon.

View the tracklist below.

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A1. Foregrow
A2. Expre'act
B1. Lowth Forgue
B2. Unf 

John Frusciante's Foregrow EP is due to be released April 16th via Acid Test.

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