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Funk is inherently "feel good" music and we assume that if you are here for the next installment in the Funk The World mix series, you know what you're getting into. The series has been going strong here at Magnetic for years and has become a showcase of today's most innovative Funk producers and DJs. So without further ado, we'll let the crew over at Fort Knox Five introduce you to Lack Jemmon for Vol. 33.

"For the 33rd installment of the Funk The World mix series, we turned to Lack Jemmon, our good friends from Budapest, Hungary. The production team is known for their high energy glitch-hop and funky breaks tunes and remixes, and they have definitely brought that vibe to this mix. Also be sure to check out a brand new Lack Jemmon exclusive tune 'Don't Get Stupid' which was debuted on this Funk The World 33 mix." 

Funk The World Vol. 33 Tracklist: 

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01. DJ Vadim - Fussin n Fightin
02. Basement Freaks ft. Mustafa Akbar - Move Your Body
03. Timewarp Inc. - Liberty Is Our Destiny feat. Gobey
04. Mr. Ours - YMA (DJ Alias feat. Turbohag remix)
05. Khurt Walker - Texas Ranger
06. Mr. Stabalina - Going Crazy (Scour Records Freemix)
07. Lack Jemmon - Don't Get Stupid
08. See-I - Queen of Sheba ft. Edy Blu (Lack Jemmon remix)
09. Lack Jemmon - Loops of Prime
10. Lack Jemmon - L.E.W.I.S.
11. Dub:ra vs. Arteo - The Funk Phenomena
12. Lack Jemmon - Cherry Pie
13. Andy Cooper - Bring It To Me (The Allergies remix)
14. DJ Woody feat. BluRum13 - Rockin' Ya Block (The Allergies remix)
15. Armand Van Helden - Illin N Fillin
16. The Synthetic Plastic Worms feat. The Reptiles - It's All Right
17. Outer Kid - Guy Richie
18. Mister T. - 12 Inch Groove
19. Shake Loves You - Turn It Loose
20. DJ Dan & divaDanille - I Got A Man
21. Lack Jemmon - Let's Jam On
22. Mystic Roots - Band Tonite (DJ Dan Sygnal 2015 remix)
23. Kid Panel - Sound So Good

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