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The Future of Dance Music Begins with The New Order - Part 1 - Shaun Frank

The Pioneers of Future House: Shaun Frank, SNBRN, and Dr. Fresch embark on The New Order Tour and give exclusive interviews to Magnetic Magazine. - Part 1 - Shaun Frank
The New Order

"We're here to usher in the next chapter of dance music together, The New Order." -Shaun Frank.

The New Order Tour touches down at Output in Brooklyn on February 24th - Event Page

On February 6th Future House pioneers Shaun Frank, SNBRN, and Dr. Fresch kicked off The New Order Tour to the massively packed Exchange, Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to speak to each of them before the show and gained great insight into their humble beginnings, blossoming success and bright futures. This three part installment will highlight some of the biggest up and coming names in dance music and their mission to usher in The New Order.

Part 1 - Shaun Frank: 

Shaun Frank (photo by Favian Fernandez)

Coming off the massive success of this past year, Toronto based producer Shaun Frank gives insight into how he got to where he is now. With dedication, determination and the right amount of support, he's putting dance music on it's head, removing all boundaries and simply making quality music.

How did you begin your career making music? 

  • "I've been playing the piano since I was 4 years old, my parents put me through rigorous music schools my entire life. Then I was actually singing in a band for a while, and that band toured so I got a lot of on-the-road experience and songwriting experience. I decided to go solo because I was singing on a lot of dance records and that made me want to make my own records so I started producing House music."

How long since the beginning of your solo career has it taken to reach where you are today, and what was the biggest struggle for you?

  • "It's been a couple years. At first I thought it would be really easy because I was always a songwriter, so writing vocals and melodies was easy. Then I realized that I wasn't the best engineer, and I looked up to artists like Porter Robinson, Mat Zo, and Deadmau5, so comparing my music to them resulted in a lot of banging my head against the wall. Since then I have progressed a lot and after I finish writing a song I really take pride in the nerdy stuff, you know, the mix and the production."

You have worked with massive artists, throughout this past year especially, how have those collaborations come together?

  • "All of my collabs have to happen really organically. I'll meet an artists at a show and it'll just happen from there sometimes. The Borgeous collab happened when we were hanging out in Miami, and he was like 'I really like what you are doing, lets make a track,' then Oliver Heldens heard that track and wanted to do something together. The KSHMR track happened because we were in Miami last year and he was like 'Yo that track you did with my boy Borgeous was tight, lets hang out.' Then one day I was in LA and he had literally like an hour to hang out before having to go to the movies with his girl, so I went over there and played the Heaven vocal for him. In that hour I actually recorded the first vocal right there in his closet, then a week later he sent me the drop idea and we started working on it from there."
Shaun Frank (photo by Favian Fernandez)

Shaun Frank brought out Delaney Jane at his show at Exchange, LA. 

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What would you say was your big break?

  • "Well, the artists I was collaborating with were on Spinnin' so that's how I got there. I would say that the Oliver Heldens song 'Shades of Grey' was the big breakout for me, because it was the first track that he put out with vocals straight out of the bank."

You write very powerful songs, how did you find your sound?

  • "I made a lot of weird stuff in the beginning, like I said earlier I loved everyone from Duke Dumont to Deadmau5, and after the Borgeous collab 'This Could Be Love' it all sort of came together. I realized that I really liked the melodic and groovy music, but I really don't think I'm going to stick to any genre to be honest. I have a track with DVBBS called 'La La Land' coming out and that track is a 140 bpm poppy-trappy kind of song. It's not that I'm not going to make House music anymore, but the songs for me start on piano. We just sit and write a song, and if it happens to be 100 or 126 bpm I just take the production from there, but it's always whatever I feel is best for the song." 

How did The New Order with SNBRN and Dr. Fresch come together?

  • "SNBRN and I actually have the same agent. He hit me up in Miami and asked if I wanted to play a back to back set with him. We actually just met in the booth, said what's up and did a b2b together. Since then we've done a bunch of shows together. Then Dr. Fresch started emailing me one day with new music and such and from there things just came together."
Shaun Frank (photo by Favian Fernandez)

A lot of artists talk about how important their team is, how much does your team have to do with your success?

  • "The team is very important, it has a lot to do with it. My team is my manager, my agent and myself. We just have a very consistent view of what we want this project to be, and we trust each other. We just have a lot of trust and positivity as we move through and that's necessary. You just have to make a decision and go with it 100% and don't look back." 

What would your advice be for new producers trying to break out in the industry? 

  • "I wouldn’t concentrate too much on figuring out where to go, I would focus on making as much music as you can. That’s how you find your own sound. Don’t try to make something big. Don't do something just because Skrillex or Diplo is doing it. Also, if you are really good at one thing, vocals or bass-lines, keep doing that and you can find people to help with the other parts."     

Click below to hear their new song "The New Order" and make sure to catch them on Tour

Thank you to Shaun Frank and everyone involved in the New Order Tour for having us out, and thanks for Favian Fernandez for the photos! 

The New Order Tour

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