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Future Strikes Again with His New Album 'Evol'

The hardest working rapper in the game is back at it

Coming off of a very busy 2015, Future is here with already his second project in 2016. This man does not sleep. Seriously, he’s put out 6 projects since last January and 2 of them being studio albums. For Future fans, this is definitely a great time to be alive, but for the average Hip Hop listener, some would say he might be over saturating his brand.

Many artists view the career of Lil’ Wayne as the foundation to become a huge star. Lil Wayne put out so much music in a short amount of time and it propelled him to be the “best rapper alive” at one point, however times have changed. We don't live in that mixtape era anymore. 2016 is about content on which people can listen to for more than a couple of months. Future may be thinking that since he is buzzing right now he should put out more music but actually the contrary exists. He should ride the wave and keep perfecting his craft until his next project. Dropping album after album does not make you a better rapper and it shows on Evol. Other than a few tracks like 'Low Life' with the Weeknd, the album is not memorable.

I do not consider myself a Future expert, but his style, flow and topics are continuously sounding the same. DS2 was a big album because it showed that Future was the king of that sound. What he is doing now is showing that he is a one trick pony and is not very versatile.

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Regardless of how I feel about the album, you should definitely take a listen for yourself because this was just one writers humble opinion. You can listen to the album, in full, below.


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