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Ghostface Killah Shares His Hilarious Diss Video Aimed at Martin Shkreli

"Ghost vs. Peter Pan" The feud between Martin Shkreli and Ghostface Killah heats up

Not too long ago Martin Shkreli decided to pour fuel on the fire when he released an insane diss video directed toward Ghostface Killah. The infamous Shkreli said he would destroy the one-off Wu-Tang Clan record, Once Upon a Time In Shaolin, that he reportedly paid millions for, if he did not get a written apology from the rapper. The video was as funny as it was sad and the general public joined in on ridiculing the overly confident Shkreli. Now Ghostface has finally responded with a video of his own.

Ghostface begins by addressing Shkreli's original video and comparing him to Peter Pan as well as Pee-wee Herman, rounding it out with a montage of comical villains from Batman. He then goes on to criticize Shkreli's nefarious price-gouging as well has his upbringing for not knowing what it's like to grow up with nothing. Ghost wraps up by pointing out that Shkreli's goons look ridiculous in the original video and he then brings in his own mom and sister to say their piece.

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