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Gold Panda's New Album Draws from a Japanese-Inspired Haze, Shares Lead Single 'Time Eater'

Trips to Japan inspired the motif for Gold Panda's third album. "I went over twice. Once in April, once in October, and they’re the best times to visit, because the weather is calm - it’s not too hot or too cold."
Gold Panda

Gold Panda

City Slang welcomes Gold Panda into the fold for the release of his forthcoming third album. Good Luck And Do Your Best was sonically inspired by way of the visual inspiration he took from his Japanese trips. His plan was to collect both audio field recordings from his trip across the country as well as accompanying visuals. The idea was to be able to put together something other than a traditional record; a sight and sound documentary of his time there, but the expedition ended up being the catalyst for a new record.

“You don’t control the music you make. The tracks need to reveal themselves”, Derwin explains. “Personally I don’t think I can choose to make it how I want. I achieved a… piece. The tracks aren’t popping out against each other. It’s a record.”

The video for the lead single, 'Time Eater', was created by one of Gold Panda’s long time collaborators, Ronni Shendar. The Israeli visual artist and curator recorded the footage in NYC, Berlin, Cologne, Hong Kong and Las Vegas. Previously Ronni has toured with Gold Panda creating live visuals, as well as the videos for previous releases 'Snow & Taxis' and 'Marriage'.

Good Luck And Do Your Best is set for release on May 27, 2016 and the record’s first single 'Time Eater' is available now. Purchase/Pre-order

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Gold Panda - Good Luck And Do Your Best

1. Metal Bird
2. In My Car
3. Chiba Nights
4. Pink And Green
5. Song For A Dead Friend
6. I Am Real Punk
7. Autumn Fall
8. Halyards
9. Time Eater
10. Unthank
11. Your Good Times Are Just Beginning

Gold Panda tour dates:

March 3 – Zeewolde NL - Where the Wild Things Are Fest
March 25 - Amsterdam, NL - DGTL Fest
May 29 - London, UK - Tufnell Park Dome
June 2 – Los Angeles, CA – Echoplex - Tickets
June 11 - London, UK - Field Day Festival
June 16 - Barcelona, ES - Parc Del Forum


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