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Life moves in cycles, I'm sure you know. What goes around, comes around and with every year, there comes an ambitious new musical act that will leave quite the mark. As the 2016 soundscape begins to fully form, an up-and-coming indie electronic act out of the UK by the name of HÆLOS looks to be making some serious waves. 

On March 18, HÆLOS will be releasing their debut album "Full Circle" and along with it they will let their deeply emotive and beautifully atmospheric music breath. It is the kind of electronic music that viscerally fills the room a la Portishead or The xx. The band is comprised of a creative trio consisting of Dom Goldsmith, Lotti Bernardout and Arthur Delaney, and they are on a mission to take their cohesive sound the world over. They are starting things off with a full fledged North America tour with prominent sets at SXSW and Coachella. 

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Dom Goldsmith ahead of HÆLOS' first ever American show in San Francisco, and here is what he had to say.

Seems like 2016 is off to a great start for HÆLOS! What do you have lined up for 2016?

We've just arrived in the US for our first ever American dates, which we're all super pumped about and pleased to be here. The year is off to a good start and we're back here in March for South by Southwest and then touring from then through to Coachella.

You also have an album coming out this year, 'Full Circle'. What is this work of art all about?

In a nutshell, the cyclical nature of life. Everything works in cycles and it goes around and starts again. Linking with the imagery of our name, for example, the circle, as a symbol, has a universal application. In science, in religions, all sorts of religions. It means a lot to a lot of different people.

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In terms of the sound of the record, we wanted to marry the kind of '90s trip hop sound, like a lot of things that came out on Mo'Wax label, with more modern production from techno, particularly minimal techno. The minimalism of certain elements juxtaposed with the slightly more cinematic sounding parts.

Atmospheric. Really fills the room.

That's 'Full Circle' in a nutshell. We're inspired by a lot of electronic music and a lot of the early '90s trip hop vibes.

The Haelos sound is a touch darker than your usual run-of-the mill electronic pop music. What draws you to make music that seeks something deeper?

There is no intention. It makes us feel something and from there, hopefully other people will connect to it as well. The process can be quite painful, actually. We sit there and we get a melody we like with drums that we like and there's a chord progression that we like. Then, as it progresses, it distills and distills again. You lose things, which in their own right could have been quite good. You've got to tear it apart. It's constant construction and reconstruction and then destruction. That process, until there comes a point where all three of us are happy with it. That's when it suddenly feels euphoric.

What do you hope people take away from the album?

There are songs that I've grown up with and listened to that mean something to me and something completely different to even my closest friends. Take a song like 'Roads' by Portishead. Some people would find it depressing or in some way dark and inaccessible. For Me, that kind of song is euphoric and cathartic. That's the intention, to try and make people feel whatever it is they want to feel with it. Always extremes. Extremes are interesting. They're unstable but they're interesting.

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