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Controlled Substance is a Youtube channel based in the Netherlands that aims to provide objective knowledge on various drug forms. With journalist Thijs Roes as the host, they tackle many of the popular questions that are often associated with drug use. They have produced numerous videos regarding club culture, including a video on “How To Handle Strong Ecstasy” and even a festival that has legal drugs. In order to ensure that curious individuals are given the correct information, Controlled Substance compiles all the necessary material in a short educational video. 

The most recent video to surface deals with the history of MDMA. Roes describes the drug's origins, how it became popular and rounds it out by revealing the truth to some of today's common misconceptions.

The most common confusion when it comes to MDMA, is that Molly and Ecstasy are two different things. This is in fact false. The drug was first used by scientists to aid with therapy in order to reduce anxiety when discussing traumatic events. As time progressed, a pastor caught on and felt that it helped him connect with God. This was the first time the term "ecstasy" was used to describe the substance.

Watch the complete video below to find out more and check out Controlled Substance for even more educational videos.

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