HKEK - 'Silenced' [Magnetic Premiere]

The rolling bassline guides the listener as they are greeted by retro-esque synths, ominous soundwaves, and furious progressions

Los Angeles based producer HKEK has been heating up in the underground as of late. We here at Magnetic predict a bright future for this rising talent who produces deep tracks aimed squarely at the dancefloor. He's showing every sign of carrying on the momentum he gained from a big year in 2015 and his forthcoming release on Circuit Freq is sure to follow suit.

'Silenced' has all the makings of a peak time number with it's rolling bass and intricately woven percussion. The track presents a chance to escape to a wonderful mental realm where only delicately crafted sounds exist. A realm where HKEK is the architect.

We got the chance to talk to HKEK about the new release and his production process, revealing the driving force behind this burgeoning producer.

'Silenced' is due to be released February 26th via Circuit Freq Records.

This rolling bass really draws the listener in. How did you approach writing 'Silenced’?

First off Thank you! This track came to me really easily. I had been playing with the bass line for a while. I knew I wanted the focus of this song to be on it , while keeping the drums fairly minimal. I personally prefer to keep my drums more simple, leaving more room for other elements to dance around. To me the bass in this track locks you in to the groove. It gives you the feeling that it is evolving without really changing, it’s infectious.

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Do you aim to convey a specific message or emotion within you music? What inspires you when you produce? 

No not really. I just love to make beats and i am grateful for people listening to them. If they really like it then that is a huge bonus!

Just being in my studio inspires me. I am surrounded by synths and vinyl. I used to own record stores called Higher source in OC and LA so I have about 10000 records, classic techno, house jungle and hip hop from the early 90’s on. So if i am ever feeling blocked I will usually pull some tunes out and get inspired by other amazing producers.

This new release lands on Circuit Freq, how does your music fit on that label?

Circuit Freq is the brainchild of Amir Davidson and Anthony “Fu” Valcic. Two amazing musicians and producers from the band Julien-K. I have the utmost respect for both of them. They have great taste in music and have always put out music that they believe in. So when I was approached about “Silenced” I was more than happy to join that team. It felt like my work was headed in the right direction.

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