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Hoodchella Stands up to Coachella, Refuses to Cancel or Change the Name

The festival legal battle heats up...
Hoodchella TMZ

Hoodchella, a local Los Angeles music festival, is not backing down from the recent lawsuit brought on by Coachella regarding the festivals name similarities. 

Coachella issued a $100 million lawsuit claiming that Hoodchella is in violation of their copyright for the use of the 'chella in it's name. Hoodchella CEO Kamil Al-Ahdali told TMZ that he's not even thinking that canceling the event is an option.

Kamil claims that Hoodchella is his trademark and it's even registered as an LLC. He says that Coachella's lawsuit is a clear example of the big name company's stepping on the little guys, but his lawyers are "not going to let Coachella punk Hoodchella at all."

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Hoodchella is set to take place in Los Angeles during the month of April and is billed as a 3-day festival featuring numerous DJs. Coachella is also a 3-day music festival, featuring the biggest names in the music industry. 

We'll have more information as the story develops.

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