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Hospitality 2016 - Album Review and Top Tracks

Throw your resolutions out the door, it's gonna be a damn good year...

Revisiting the vibes of last years big hitters and stressing me out with the overload of 24 brand new and exemplary tracks - Hospitality 2016 is one slick package. The track list is a diabolical mix of big hitters and new kids on the block showcasing their wares with aplomb. Aplomb is a word! Yes, they’re all doing the damn ting for Hospo over the course of two full length CD’s which, all up, is a fat 62 tracks for the listening.

Hospitality spread themselves around deliciously last year - achieving 82 shows in twenty countries, no less. By summarising allllla that hustle in a format for auditory consumption they have jimmied themselves a spot in the official compilation, dance album and album download charts.

The top five roundup - in my frequently misguided and humble opinion - is as follows:

'Lust Thrust' - Krakota

The trophy winner.* This verdict partially reached by the humplike move conceived off the back of it. 

*willing to have a street fight over it.

'Terminus' - Metrik

Sounding quite like 'Lust Thrust' weirdly, which I feel only proves that you can't have too much of a good thing. Ever. 

'Calling My Name' - High Contrast

The most beautiful. Have been running to this on High Contrast's UKF podcast for the last month...and now there's a brand spanking new vid to obsess over! (see below)

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'People On The Ground' - Royalston

Absolute sucker for this.

'Perspective' - Keeno ft. MC Fava

New album out at the end of February got us wriggling!

'Light My Way Home (Logistics Remix)' - Etherwood ft. Eve Lazarus 

The hum! I can't help myself!

There's 6 - I got greedy. 

To write this review, I was forced to dedicate some solid man sized listening hours. At one point, there was non-dance related head shaking as I marvelled at the sheer goodness of this album. It's pretty great. I can imagine listening to it on a road trip - I can imagine listening to it while cooking dinner - I can imagine listening to it while doing the polar opposite of sleeping in bed. Yes...that. Surely this is the ultimate criteria checklist when ticking off a compilation album - trifecta!!! If not, search me, I just don't know what is.

If you would like to experience the album vibes in person, and I recommend that you do, take a little twirl to Brixton in London at the end of April where you will experience the full face melting quality of Hospitality's Return to Brixton.


But be fast! Currently on 3rd release tickets chums....

Hospitality 2016 was released on the 29th January so if you fancy throwing some coin, you can do that here.

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