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If Donald Trump Was Electronic Dance Music He Would Sound Like This

The "Orange One" sounds a hell of a lot like electro house
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We were watching the news surrounding the Trump victory in Nevada on Tuesday, and it just hit us. Fuck, a Trump speech sounds just like corny soulless electro house. 

Just listen, it's almost identical. The drops, the funny noises, the stupid gestures, the insult to your intelligence... Trump is electro house aka Big Room aka Copy Cat Commercial Dance Music aka Crap. 

Is this a conspiracy? The Electro and House music communities are still trying to get over the inbred bastard offspring that has been coined Electro House, and now this. They might all be running over a cliff like a bunch of lemmings once this breaks. 

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Oompa Loompa

In case you didn't know what an Oompa Loompa was. They're awesome aren't they?

America is just obsessed with bad shit, for some reason we just can't take our eyes of egomaniacs, Kardashians or really bad comic book movies. The fact that this psychotic Oompa Loompa has even made it this far is just as scary as the people that are actually really into it. A lot of people are watching for the spectacle but there really our people out there that think it's a good idea. Holy fuck. 

Look what happened when Dimitri Nevada and Don't Like Mike won that competition, total fucking chaos. Electronic Music officially ate itself and then threw up on itself all at once. 

Is that what you want to happen to America? Vote for Bernie or Hillary or your cousin Scott, or even your pet ferret. It would be a shame for Canada to have to deal with so many American refugees flooding it's borders. 

Try this fun experiment if you want some proof, next time Trump is on the television, which is pretty much all the time, turn down the volume and crank up one of these songs. Voila... It's all perfectly clear now isn't it?

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