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It's time. It's time for fun, it's time to dance, it's just time to do the damn thing! Here we are this week with some fine Top Indie Dance selections that have some funk in their step, have some talent in their pep, and just the best ingredients to make any dancefloor delicious. 

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"Love Can't Wait" Eric Sharp feat. Gavin Turek, RIS Labs

My love for this song absolutely cannot wait. Coming in real hot at the top spot is Eric Sharp with more than just a little bit of the Gavin Turek. There is depth, there is a beautiful voice, and there is the masterful touch that I've come to know and love as definitive to all the talent on the RIS Labs roster.

"Young, Rich and Radical" Club Cheval, Bromance

It's been a minute since I checked on what Bromance has been up to. Clearly, the label is still churning out quality. Club Cheval, a fixture of the label since it seems time immemorial, are rearing to get their debut album out there, and this is one hell of a strong single. Be ready to buy that album IMMEDIATELY on March 4.

"Oskar" Esther Skilex, Studio Barnaus

Here is a track that gets into your head and goes round and round, never quite leaving. If this song does come on when it's 4 in the morning, I'm probably going to die out of pure bliss.

"Face Down in the Water" Skream

The Skream master unleashed some heat on his soundcloud with this track that he's been dropping in his sets lately. It hits hard, it goes hard, and it's just got everything you need for an amazing dancefloor.

"Heading Home" Gryffin feat. Josef Salvat

Gryffin is soaring right now. His first official release "Heading Home" is one of my favorite tracks of 2016 so far. The feels are deep, the production is deeper and Josef Salvat was the right choice for the voice.

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"Another Love (J. Mig The Twelves Remix)" Database feat. Savoir Adore, Life on Planes

Here is some indie dance with a heavy dose of the funky funky. This is a song that's perfect to boogie to and throw down your best dance moves Get a workout with this one and have some fun.

"Being Flat" Mr. Oizo, Ed Banger Records

The wonderful french phenom that is Mr. Oizo is back at it again, and he's got an absolute slapper with "Being Flat." It's going to rough you up, smack you into shape. Don't fight it, actually maybe a little. You know, for a goof.

"Smokers Delight" Crew Love feat. Pillowtalk & Soul Clap, Crew Love

Get ready to funk yourself right the funk up with this track. It finally happened. Crew Love is now an official label consisting of the Crew Love collective, which for the uninformed is the very holy dance music union of Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap Records. This track is some of the finest funky dance music you'll ever find.

"Cobalt" Jonas Rathsman, Diynamic 

The dancefloor dynamo Jonas Rathsman releases his talents on Diynamic with great effect. This is a focused piece that charges forward with grace and power. Jonas is at the forefront of the dance music game, and he only seems to be getting further ahead.

"Ashes to Ashes" Warpaint, MANIMAL

A wonderful indie cover of our dearly departed David Bowie. We miss him, we'll never forget him. 'Nuff said.


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