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Inspired By Music: The Next Generation Of Web Design

As one of the most experimental, out-of-the-box industries, it’s not surprising that some of the most charismatic websites are inspired by music
Stripped Down Design

Stripped Down Design

As one of the most experimental, out-of-the-box industries, it’s not surprising that some of the most charismatic websites are inspired by music. Much like music itself, web design is all about getting creative, experimenting with different compositions and, ultimately, expressing your own style. We’ve come a long way since the rather bland and text-heavy websites of the early 90s, with responsive design and unique graphics now taking center stage.

As web design gets increasingly adventurous and competitive, having a memorable, well-thought-out site is more important than ever, with many people turning not only to professional designers but also using tools like this one to check their website performance and presentation. As a hats-off to originality and artistic license, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most impressive music sites currently on the web.    

Yello Rainbo Records

Yello Rainbo Records is the edgy project of three young lads who, inspired by their discovery of House music whilst holidaying in Ibiza, founded their own label. Minimalist to the core and based on a simple column layout, the website requires barely any navigation – their story and tracks, as well as branded sweaters and snapbacks, are all showcased right there on the homepage. Sparse on text and looking not too dissimilar from a vinyl record itself, this is modern web design stripped right back.

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The DNA Project

This one is all about the music, with each and every layer of the website built around the components that go into creating an album. Brooklyn-based producer j.viewz launched The DNA Project as a way to connect with his audience throughout the song-making process, and the incredibly unique layout is based on this concept. The homepage consists of a striking full-page graphic with an interactive timeline for each album track, using video and audio to document the creative process as each song unfolds.


She&Him is a classic fusion of modern, minimalistic web design with a retro, arty feel. Hiding behind the full-page vintage-style image is a highly interactive and responsive site full of tour dates, news features and arty photos of the duo. Reminiscent of a magazine, She&Him creates what feels like an extremely candid view of the pair and their music.

Flight of the Conchords

More like an animated postcard than a website, Flight of the Conchords have used a highly original take on web design to create an online hub for their music. With cartoon-like images and plenty of interactive features, such as the pop-out music box, this site fully showcases the capabilities of modern web design with a playful, tongue-in-cheek twist.

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