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Interview And Guest Podcast: Magnetic Catches Up With Music For Dreams Founder Kenneth Bager

It's time to CHILL OUT, listen here

For those of you that are chillout fans, the label Music For Dreams [MFD] probably brings back some memories of the golden age of downtempo in the late 90s. I remember digging endlessly through the import section of Amoeba Records trying to find MFD singles in the bin and when I did I bought them on site. The label epitomised the top shelf sound of downtempo music at the time and still does. 

As EDM starts to settle in a little more to the American landscape fans that craved huge drops and blistering dubstep will begin to seek out more laid-back grooves that still feel, well, electronic. Assuming that this logical progression happens again, we are on the verge of another chillout renaissance it would seem. 

The great news is that MFD is still alive and kicking and the label's founder Kenneth Bager has just released a stellar comp called MFD Copenhagen 2016. More on the release below.

Magnetic got the chance to catch up with Kenneth for a quick interview and an exclusive guest mix. So find a comfortable position and crank it up as your recline to the luxurious beats. This is what Music For Dreams is all about.

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Kenneth Bager - Music For Dreams

Kenneth Bager - Music For Dreams

Interview With Kenneth Bager 

Music For Dreams has been around for a long time, tell us a little bit about the journey.

KB: I started way back in 1993 doing a compilation a double CD called Music For Dreams - full of Chill out - with names like Michael Nyman, Peter Gabriel Brian Eno, etc. Did some more compilations and in 1999, I started working on an idea to create a label for timeless music. The name Music For Dreams came back, and the first release was by Danish duo Bliss. We have so far sold over 2 million and released more than 100 albums. We continue into the next Phase with new projects, exciting artists - and soon we will launch a 24 hour 7 days a week streaming radio and a webshop. We are establishing a booking agency too and running several clubs in Copenhagen.

As electronic music slowly starts to evolve again in the USA with new fans do you think there will be another ‘chillout renaissance’ like there was in Europe in the mid to late 90s?

KB: I certainly hope so that would be amazing. 

What are your plans with the label in the US?

KB: We hope that over a period of time to build up a base in the US - we have had offers to do club nights in NYC. Fingers crossed.?

When you are DJing is it primarily on digital now or do you still dig out the vinyl?

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KB: I have a collection of 30 vinyls and around 40 CDs, and I do still buy tons of undiscovered vinyl and tracks on Discogs it is a never ending journey.. but I love the ride. I started as a DJ in 1979, and it still amazes me how much great music there is out there. I don't DJ with vinyl anymore - very rare - I think I earned my rights to use a USB by carrying vinyl since 1979... :-)

If you had unlimited resources and could through your dream party, what would that be like for you?

KB: I think the latest Coma Club party was almost my dream team with legends like Dj Pippi, Justin Strauss, and Leo Mas, newcomers like Basso, Ruf Dug, and Jan Schulte - although it would have been great with a PA by Bob Marley.?

In today¹s non-stop world of social media, mobile phones, and endless emails, how do you unplug?

KB: With Silence. Being with my family or friends - biking - underwater.

MFD Copenhagen - Out Now

MFD Copenhagen - Out Now

Music For Dreams Copenhagen 2016 Volume #1

Compiled by label founder and Balearic ambassador Kenneth Bager, the album showcases a diverse range of eclectic material including chilled, downtempo and house music from artists such as legendary Cafe Del Mar DJ, Phil Mison’s new album project, Ambala, Ruf Dug, Borneland, DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager, Emll Germ, and Jose Manuel.

Album highlights include beautiful and mesmerising tracks ‘La Serenata (Dream Of You) by DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager, ‘Eyes’ by Borneland, Private Nurse (Caius Remix) by Emil Germ, Speedboat by Rug Dug, ‘G -T Salong’ by Golden Ivy, and ‘Coral’ By Bonnie & Klein.

The album contains many new and unreleased tracks including Ambala - Walk With The Dreamers (feat. Laid Back), DJ Leon El Ray - Deep In My Soul (Chillwalker String Mix) (will be released 15 January), The Kenneth Bager Experience feat. Damon C. Scott - Follow The Beat (José Manuel Remix), José Manuel – Congo, Cantoma - Mondo Christo (The Kenneth Bager Experience Edit), Visti & Meyland - Sharing The Light (Payfone Remix), Peter Visti & Kenneth Bager - Madness (feat. Lukas Visti).

More info at the links below.

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