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Kanye West Says He's $53 Million in Debt, Reaches Out To Mark Zuckerberg for Help

More bizarre tweets coming from Kanye West
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Kanye West finally released his new album, The Life Of Pablo, but things don't seem to be going to well for the iconic artist. His tweets are raising a lot of questions with more baffling information being shared out over the weekend.

Kanye took to Twitter once again to share some personal information, this time revealing that he has accumulated $53 million in personal debt.

A day later he decided to see if he could reach out to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg to see if he would invest and possibly whip some of the debt.

Kanye continued to try and get Zucerberg's attention with desperate tweets.

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We're not sure if Kanye will get the investment he is looking for, but after careful consideration, he decided to make another interesting move regarding his new album. Now The Life Of Pablo is only available on TIDAL which has made the app the #1 selling app on the iOS App Store for the first time.

We'll have more information regarding Kanye's supposed debt and album news as it arises.

[via: FACT]

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