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Kanye West Says "White Publications" Need to Stop Reporting on "Black Music"

Kanye has a problem with "Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, New York Times, and any other white publication" commenting on "black music"
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Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

The world wants to know, what's going on with Kanye West? Why is he so angry? Will he ever stop tweeting ridiculous messages? Recently he announced that he's $53 million in debt and pleaded to Mark Zuckerberg for financial assistance, but last night he made a separate announcement. 

Kanye tweeted a few messages where he urges "white publications" to stop giving commentary on “black music.” He says that “the system is designed for colored people to fail and one of our only voices is music.” 

Later that night Kanye mad another announcement, this time saying that his new album will never be for sale. He just released the new album, The Life of Pablo, on TIDAL where you can listen to it in full.

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