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10 years of anything is really a good thing. When it comes to parties, 10 years of partying is an unheard of thing. Tell everyone you know, the boys behind Lights Down Low have made it to a decade of throwing the best parties in North America.  

Richie Panic and Corey Sizemore have only ever sought to throw a damn fine party. It's as simple as that. Now, after 10 years of working hard to master the art of the excellent party, the only way to celebrate such a milestone, they are not throwing one party, but two epic soirees. 

Part 1: Jamie Jones & Skream on March 8


Part one will see the titanically talented Lights Down Low alumni Jamie Jones and Skream gracing the stage at the Mezzanine on Friday March 4. Buy your tickets here!

BTW... Wee're doing a ticket giveaway for this party starting TODAY! Just tag a friend in the comments section on Facebook and BOOM, you're entered. We will be announcing the winner on Friday February 26 at 6 pm (PST). 

If you need an education on Mr. Jones or Mr. Skream, well here is what LDL has to say about these gents: 

"Behold the return of two of our favorite LDL DJs past Mr. Jamie Jones and Skream. Both of these guys separately have pushed the party boundaries above and beyond, so one night with both of these musical madmen behind the decks is going to reach maximum levels of satisfaction. Skream is a 3-time Lights Down Low alumni whose beginnings as a bass music ambassador eventually gave way to edgy and banging inspired house music, bridging gaps between scenes and sounds. Jamie Jones — whose last appearance in San Francisco was for Lights Down Low in 2014 — is the co-founder of record label phenomenon Hot Creations, and has placed amongst the top 20 in Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs since 2010."

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Part 2: 2ManyDJs on April 20


Not to be outdone, and certainly no sloppy seconds, the second part of Lights Down Low's 10 year celebration has 2ManyDjs poised to light Public Works on Fire on Wednesday April 20. BUY YOUR TICKETS IMMEDIATELY HERE!

I'll let Richie & Corey get you oriented and excited for the gods that are 2ManyDjs:

"Holy Fucking Shit! Part 2 is a dream come true for us as both gentleman of Lights Down Low have a serious and personal connection to the music of the Brothers Dewaele. It is with great honor and distinction that we are able to present the musical masters 2manydjs under the smiley face of Lights Down Low and have them celebrate 10 Years Of Raving with all of you! Wether you've been raving for 1 year or 10 you know them thru their live act of Soulwax, their wild ass mix tapes, their incredible DJ sets,their remixes, or even the mind bending Documentary about them. 2manydjs have continually set the bar and shaped and molded dance music in their distinctive and blistering way. It's going to be an amazing night and we cannot wait!"

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