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Here we are edging ever so closely to the most love filled day of the year. What better way to get all sorts of amorous and excited for Valentine's Day than a very special mix? Next up, we have the indie dance duo MANICS, and they pulled back cupid's bow and let loose one hell of an arrow aiming right for your heart. 

Press play, and maybe start dancing with that special someone as MANICS are trying to make your Valentine's day sound like one of the most romantic ever.

A word or two from MANICS on this exclusive Valentine's Day mix: 

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 "A really special mix featuring some of our favorite love songs spanning a wide variety of genres and eras we're influenced by. We also included some of our favorite tracks that we've released over the years via Popgang Records."

If you thought the article ended there, you were VERY wrong. MANICS also have released a wonderful single of only the finest indie dance "Chalk" on their very own San Francisco label Popgang Records. 

Catch these lover boys performing live soon in San Francisco or Seattle when they play with Penguin Prison. They certainly would LOVE to see all you lovers out there dancing in the crowd. 

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