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Martin Shkreli Has Offered to Buy Kanye West's 'T.L.O.P' Album and is Delaying It's Release

This is just too ridiculous, we had to go off on Martin Shkreli - Op-ed
Martin Shkreli

This guy seriously needs to get a life!

Martin Shkreli has been stirring up a lot of trouble in the Hip-Hop world recently. He was wasting his time beefing with Ghostface and now he's got his sights set on Kanye, and nobody really knows why. 

Shkreli, is of course known as the man who increased prices on a medication that is most commonly used by AIDS patients. Like come on bro, these are people’s lives your messing with. Regardless, Shkreli is back at and this time he wants to buy Kanye’s new album, The Life of Pablo, so that nobody can hear it. (Too bad Shkreli, it's already available to stream here)

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Let us not forget that Shkreli is also the proud sole owner of the one of a kind Wu-Tang album, Once Upon A Time in Shoalin. What is he going to do with that album? He said that he’s going to destroy it? Why? Because he’s an evil man who wants to watch the world burn. Any normal person would bump that album nonstop and maybe even release it to the public so we all can hear it, but instead, Shkreli is using it as a coaster while he drinks vodka-crans (I’m just assuming that’s his drink of choice). 

Now, as a Kanye stan (yes I said stan) I want this album to come out. Without question, he has the best discography of the last 12 years and he’s looking to put out what he says is “the greatest album of all time.” With the constant album changes, twitter beef, and yeezy season 3 promotion, Kanye is what we call trending. Everybody is buzzing with anticipation and we just want this album out. Martin Shkreli however has different plans. The villain that he is, wants to buy the album for a whopping $10 million so he can withhold it from fans. Just when you thought he couldn't get any worse he goes and attempts something like this. Shkreli is the type of guy to spoil Game of Thrones before you see it. He is just laughing at other people’s misery and I’ve had enough. 

Realistically, Kanye would never go for this because he’s too prideful and he knows just how good the music is. It's not really about the money at all, it’s the love and passion for art that he cherishes the most. 

Stay tuned for the official release date coming soon, hopefully.

[via: FACT]

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