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Missy Elliott Keeps us Moving with Her New Single 'Pep Rally'

Missy Elliott readies her comeback album with the lead single 'Pep Rally'
Missy Elliott (Photo by Atlantic Records)

The Monday after the Super Bowl is always an interesting day. There are people who are overjoyed that their team won and then there is everyone else. These days, people who tune in aren’t necessarily football fans as there are the commercials, half time performances and other surprises to look forward to. 

Last night we were graced with a surprise from the one and only Missy Elliott. While we wait patiently for her comeback album, it’s enough to satisfy us with one song at a time. 'Pep Rally', which debuted last night, is a throwback to a younger Missy Elliott. The fact that this song sounds like something that came out of 2004 shows that her unique style can never be imtated. That being said, this song is not entirely what I was expecting.

Missy Elliott is known for a couple things, her insane production and her high energy. 'Pep Rally' seemed to be lacking in both categories. While the beat is great, it sounds like something we’ve already heard from Missy. Also, she sounds very lazy on the track, almost like it was thrown together last minute for the Super Bowl. I love Missy Elliott, I grew up listening to her at parties and dances, but the Missy I know is always thinking ahead of the curve. I don't want Missy to give us something familiar, I want her to give us something we’ve never heard before like she used to do. 

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Listen to the new track below and see if you agree.

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