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MitiS Revisits his 'Foundations' to Find His Signature Sound Profile

MitiS revisits his melodic Dubstep roots with 'Foundations' and reveals why he chose to rebrand

It's not uncommon for an artist to be led astray due to the over saturation of the music industry, but it's always important to be self-reflective in order to get back to the roots. MitiS is one such artist who's self-awareness has brought him back to where he wants to be musically. He found his productions leading him down a path that was not to his liking. All he needed was some inspiration from the right place and he was back on track. His newest production featuring Adara, is his coming home party, if you will, where he finds himself back at the 'Foundations' that made him want to start producing music in the first place. 

We got the chance to talk to MitiS about his "rebranding" and received insight into what we can expect from him moving forward. 

Why did you decide to rebrand? What about you and your music has changed? 

I decided to start rebranding MitiS and the music because I felt I needed to go back to my 'foundations'. I love writing melodic dubstep and music focused fully on melody and not so much "Dj structure". I think my music was going towards a more club-friendly zone, which is totally fine with me, but I'm deciding to take a step back and focus more on a unique electronic sound while keeping my signature motif.

Was there a specific moment when you decided to take this new direction?

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Not a specific moment, but several moments. A lot of times when I play live I go all over the place. I noticed reactions when I play my really melodic music is much more positive than just playing more straight forward club tunes.

What do you hope listeners take away from your new personae?

I hope they hear that MitiS sound they are familiar with, but in a revolutionized, more organic feel. 

What can fans expect from you moving forward?

A bunch of new music, all in which is based around vibes and melody. I honestly can't wait!

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