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These Are the Most Influential Tools Shaping Electronic Music

Electronic music production has always evolved with innovative tools and technological advancements

Electronic music production is an art form that centers around music production tools of the day. As technological advancements happen, there is a direct correlation to changes in electronic music. As synthesizers evolved through the ages, producers took advantage of every new update and launch to create their music. A recent article by Gear Patrol breaks down the most iconic tools of electronic music into three categories: synthesizers, drum machines and samplers, and turntables and CDJs. These are the tools that continue to shape the way artists create their most memorable tracks.




  • In 1972, Bob Moog released the Minimoog, the first fully integrated synthesizer. Built as a portable instrument, featuring knobs and buttons to control sounds, the Minimoog became widely popular for its high quality.
  • Essential Album: Kraftwerk's Autobahn (1974) prominently features the sounds of the Minimoog. 

Roland TB-303

  • Roland has had a plethora of substantially influential devices, and the Transistorized Bass 303 (1981) was of one these devices. This instrument was used by many producers in the early Chicago House scene and has since had an iconic sound in electronic music. 
  • Essential Album: Jesse Saunders On and On (1984), was the first album by the godfather of House music. 



Roland TR-808 & TR-909

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  • Released in 1980, the TR-808 was created to replicate a drum kit, this drum machine became a staple in electronic music as well as Hip-Hop by the early 1990s. The TR-909, the 808's successor, raised the bar by including cymbals and hi-hat sounds and became especially popular with House producers. 
  • Essential Album: Analord (2003-2005) by Aphex Twin. 

Akai S1000 and MPC Series

  • The Akai S1000 sampler was released in 1988 and became an instant hit with producers. The MPC series was first intruduced in 1991 and has since become a huge part of many electronic artists productions, as well as Hip Hop producers. 
  • Essential Album: One World Extinguisher (2003) by Prefuse 73



Technics SL-1200 Series & Pioneer CDJs

  • Possibly the most essential tool of all DJs is what he or she actually DJs on. Technics became the industry standard turntables until Pioneers acclaimed CDJ series took the spotlight. You can't go into a major club and not see CDJs in the DJ booth anymore, they are what essentially everyone uses and are dominating the professional scene. 

Shoutout to Gear Patrol for their editorial and for a more in depth read you can check it out here

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