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Namito & Jonny Cruz are at their absolute best with 'No Slave' a vocal laden Tech-House roller strapped with a jacking beat and steady progression. Released via Gold Records, the new release is made complete with a remix from none other than Josh Butler.

As an artist, when you get the opportunity to showcase your music, you take advantage. Butler is a clear example of this. He got his big break back in 2013 with his hit track 'Got A Feeling' and once he was given a platform, he made it count. He has since followed that up with more memorable releases on well respected labels like Noir, Cajual, MTA, Avotre and MadTech. Quickly establishing himself as a guiding light in a saturated industry, all in a matter of just a few years, Butler is continuing to produce the utmost in quality dance music. 

Adding just the right touch of sophistication, Butler delivers his rendition of 'No Slave'. We got the chance to talk to him about how he approached the remix, what inspires him, as well as his recent musical endeavors. 

You can purchase the new release here.

How did you approach this remix for Namito & Jonny Cruz? 

  • ​I gave the original a quick listen to get a feel for the track and then ran through the stems to see what excited me. For this track it's the vocal that I loved! 

Is there ever an underlying message you aim to convey with your music? 

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  • More often that not, yes. I've always used music to express how I'm feeling or deal with things that might have been going on around me. I feel some of my best music has been made when I have a reason to make a track. This also gives it a much more personal connection, which sadly can sometimes get lost in modern dance music. 

What inspires your style, in the DJ booth and in the studio?

  • I get inspired by all sorts of things in the studio. From the people I meet, to traveling for gigs, or even going on a country walk and giving myself some space. In the booth, it's energy from the crowd that excites me! 

Your weekly radio show on Pioneer DJ Radio has been picking up steam, what is your goal for those sessions and what music do you feature? 

  • Yeah, its really good fun to host the show. Radio is not something I ever really aspired to do, but I've really got a taste for it now. Over the next few months I have a series of guest mixes starting from my close circle of DJ friends. Some established artists and some up and coming. It's also a great platform for me to share their music on. 

For the next 2 months you will be touring in a number of different countries, do you have anything else planned for 2016? 

  • I will be back in Ibiza over the summer and back over in the states sometimes later in the year. I've got some great releases lined up along with the vinyl only series I've been releasing, KAHU. Also, a new project that I'm working on at the moment, which is to be announced soon ;)

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