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NWA's Legal Dispute with Former Manager over 'Straight Outta Compton' Could Get Ugly

A lengthy legal battle is about to erupt
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Soon after the release of the NWA film Straight Outta Compton, former manager of the rap group, Jerry Heller, issued a lawsuit against the makers of the film for $110 million, claiming that the biopic was libelous and defamatory. Now Ice Cude, Dr. Dre, former NWA member and those who made the film are demanding that a large portion of the lawsuit be dropped.

They say that the film was not defamatory as it only included a “hodgepodge of conclusory allegations and subjective interpretations of the film." Being that Straight Outta Compton was mainly based on opinion, the lawsuit does not hold any water legally.

“The ‘Jerry Heller’ character in the film is not shown committing any improper or illegal actions, or even admitting that he had ever done anything improper,” reads the motion to dismiss. “Rather, the film depicts criticisms articulated by others about plaintiff, which plaintiff’s own memoir concedes had been very publicly leveled against him … It is impossible to conceive of a serious docudrama exploring this history that would not depict these disputes, and the first amendment protects the right of film-makers to tell this story.”

Many believed that the lawsuit was to be settled out of court, but this new dismissal motion means that a longer legal battle is about to ensue. 

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In other news, Ice Cube is looking to plan an NWA reunion at this years Coachella and is also slated to give out an award with his son, who plays the rapper in the film, at the Grammys.

We'll have more information for you regarding this case as it arises.

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