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Pretty Lights Says He's Done Releasing Music on "Albums", Plus More Changes to Come

"a•nal•o•gy - a cognitive process of transferring information or meaning from a particular subject (the analogue) to another (target)."

Pretty Lights has recently taken to social media with a series of cryptic messages that seem to outline his future musical plans. He doesn't directly reveal any concrete informtion, but we can definitely speculate as to what his next release could possibly be. 

He may be done releasing music on albums, but all those quotation marks have fans guessing as to what direction he will take his sound next. In a tweet that followed, he shared a picture of a cassette tape that could give indication to his future plans. Perhaps he's letting us know that a new Pretty Lights album is indeed on the way, but will only be released on a cassette tape. We wouldn't be surprised.

He's also shared a mysterious video on his website that features the man himself walking out to a gig and putting the cassette tape into a tape player. Watch the video unfold below and be sure to check back for more official news that is likely on the way.

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