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Review: LSTN Satellite Portable Wood Speaker

A beautiful little speaker that sounds great, looks great and gives back
The LSTN Satellite Wireless Speaker

The LSTN Satellite Wireless Speaker

LSTN Headphones (now LSTN Sound Co) has expanded their offering with some wireless speakers that look not only great but also have quite a bit of pop for the size. I've always been a fan of their aesthetic with a natural wood exteriors and clean lines, the look great next to your sleek mac book pro. 

The cherry wood grain

The cherry wood grain

The speaker comes in three varieties: zebra, cherry or walnut wood patterns and all of them look slick. 

The Satellite despite its size delivers some great clean sound that is perfect for a hotel room or at your desk. 

The LSTN Satellite stand about 3 inches town and is easy to pack in your bag when you are traveling, although it is a bit heavier than other speakers its size. You've got to suffer for good style right? Don't worry, it's minor, and you can feel good about using a product that has a one to one give back to charity. Read more about the LSTN philanthropic mission here. 

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The battery lasts about 8 to 9 hours depending on how hard you are running it, but that's what we got out of it consistently. The range was also decent at about 20 feet or so, which is also fairly standard. 

The speaker has an Aux input should you want to use a wire and there is also a mic so you can take calls, which is pretty standard at this price point. 

Yes, you can get more for your money with other wireless speakers like the NudeAudio Super-M, but the great aesthetic and charitable give back is worth the extra dough for the more style and socially conscious.  

All in all, this is a solid little speaker that looks great, sounds good and supports a great cause. 


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