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Roc Nation Sues Rita Ora for $2.3 Million

Rita Ora wants out of her Roc Nation contract
Rita Ora (photo by Fitore Gashi)

Rita Ora (photo by Fitore Gashi)

Jay-Z and Roc Nation clearly have had enough with Rita Ora and have decided to file a counter lawsuit against the Brit.

Rita was suing Roc Nation because she felt that she was being neglected as an artist and the label was not investing enough money, time or marketing towards her career. She wants out of her contract because she believes that Roc Nation is more focused on athletes than her own projects. Roc Nation’s countersuit details them spending roughly 2.3 million dollars on her sophomore album and now they want that money back.

Rita signed a 5 album deal in 2008 and since then has only put out 1 album. I’m not sure if this is the labels fault or hers, but 1 album in 8 years is not a good look. At this point, I don’t think either Rita or the label want anything to do with each other, it just comes down to who is going to pay who. One thing we can all agree on, if an artist wants to get paid, they should spend more time in the studio.

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[via: Billboard]

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