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Sasha Announces His Late Night Tales Release and Shares New Music with 'View 2'

Sasha explores a different side of his musical vision with a new release on Late Night Tales

Acclaimed DJ and producer Sasha has revealed plans for Scene Delete, an immersive 21-track mix filled entirely of original productions. The collection includes a recent collaboration with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich's band Ultraista along with a few favorites and a many surprises.

The mix will be released in various formats including 3xLP, CD and deluxe box set on April 1 via Late Night Tales. You can listen to 'View 2' below, ahead of the official release.

Sasha discusses his vision for the mix and how it came together:

I love post-minimalist modern classical, I love to listen to something completely different that’ s quite hypnotic as well. It almost... purges the system.

About three years ago, my collaborators David Gardner and ThermalBear and I wrote a song called "Bring On The Night." I sent it to Ultraista and within a few days she sent it back with this amazing vocal on, with Nigel Godrich playing keyboards. We tried to do club mixes but we just couldn’ t get it right. So it sat there doing nothing.

Tracks like this kept building up, until finally last summer my frustration boiled over. We’ d made so many tunes that I couldn't remember the names of half of them: What was that thing with a bass sound and a string line? It drove me mental. At the same time as we were logging these tracks, I was listening to the Jon Hopkins’ Late Night Tales and I thought a lot of the music we'd been working on was in the same vibe. So I sent the music over to Late Night Tales and they really liked it.

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Initially, I thought we'd just do a Late Night Tales compilation with maybe a few pieces of my own music. But as we went through everything we’ d worked on in the last two years, we realised we had about 50 pieces of music. So we started editing and compiling: Scene Delete is the end result.

Late Night Tales presents Sasha - Scene Delete - Artwork.jpg

Scene Delete:

01 Channel deq
02 View2
03 Baracus
04 Linepulse
05 Time After Time
06 Detour
07 Pontiac
08 Cassette Sessions D
09 Cassette Sessions E
10 Healer
11 Modcon
12 Scarpa Falls
13 Warewolf
14 Bring on the Night-time feat. Ultraista
15 Corvette
16 Shelter
17 Untitled 3
18 Abacus
19 Rooms feat. John Graham
20 Broadcast
21 Vapour Trails

[via: Pitchfork]

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