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Scott Melker Transforms Bay Area Traffic Sounds Into a Beautiful Ballad

In partnership with Carma, Scott Melker found a new sense of musicality in the harsh sounds of everyday life
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Music is all around us. It's not always apparent to the untrained ear, but with every bit of noise comes a new melody, transforming ordinary sounds into something beautiful.

Over a period of 2 days, Scott Melker recorded hundreds of sounds familiarly heard during San Francisco Bay Area traffic on local highways, freeways and city streets. The sounds that made the song include:

● Ambient traffic noise
● Ambient voices
● Ambulance and police sirens
● Car door closing
● Car engine starting
● Car idling
● Crosswalk beeps and “Wait” audio commands
● Erhu (Chinese instrument)
● Fan belt
● Keys rustling
● Truck doors closing (retuned to create the kick drum)
● Truck driving by (Doppler effect)
● Truck trunk closing (retuned to create the snare)
● Truck coming to a complete stop
● Truck idling
● Seatbelt clicking close

“Until now, I had never attempted to make pleasant sounds out of such jarring samples,” said Scott Melker, DJ and music producer. “It was a fun challenge to create custom synths from the sounds of a rotating fan belt or drums from the sounds of slamming car doors and trunks. This project definitely stretched the limits of my production abilities.”

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Listen to the track below and be sure to grab the free download here.

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