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Shiba San Doesn't Feel Any Pressure, He Just Makes Quality Dance Music

"The only pressure is to make good music and make my fans happy. It can be a hit or just a nice track for me and that's enough."

Over the past two years, Shiba San has been making quite a name for himself. With the French producer's alias being as mysterious as his origins, he's developed a huge fan-base who thirst for his distinct bass-oriented sound profile. Being scooped up by Amine Edge & DANCE's Cuff imprint and Claude Von Stroke's Dirtybird label has increased the awareness of his sound since 2014 and he's been selling out shows around the world. Much of this has to do with his unique brand of dance music that pairs influences of Hip Hop with heavy House beats, revealing tracks that are aimed squarely at the dancefloor. 

The "ghetto-funk" House producer recently made his way up to Boston and Magnetic had the chance to sit down for a chat. 


There's mentions of you having a background in Hip Hop. Could you tell us a little more about your influences and what role did it play in your movement into House music?

I was a Hip Hop DJ and producer in France for the French market only. It helped me have a different approach to House Music and that influence can be found in my recent releases.

Did the transition feel natural?

I listened to and produced House music for a long time. Chicago House was my first love when I became DJ, so it was not really a transition, it was something I always enjoyed.

How does the music scene in France react to the "ghetto-funky" style of House music in comparison to the US?

There is a scene in France but mainly in Paris. I played a sold out show in a 1,300 capacity club in Paris 3 months ago, so it’s definitely good.

What do you look forward to the most about playing in the USA again?

The US is very different. The American people show that they love you, it’s always amazing to play here. That feeling is special and I always want to relive that again and again.

Any memorable moments from last year?

Lightning in a Bottle, Sun City Fest in El Paso, Dirtybird BBQ in NY, Exchange in LA, they stay in my mind but all the shows were very good.

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How have you enjoyed being signed to VonStroke's Dirtybird label?

It has been awesome, I'm a big fan of Justin Martin. He is one of the producers who influenced me a lot and I played a lot of Dirtybird stuff before, so nothing was better than signing onto Dirtybird.

'Okay' was obviously a huge success, do you feel any pressure trying to follow it with another hit?

No not at all. I like to make this [underground] music because we don't have a lot of pressure after a hit, the only pressure is to make good music and make my fans happy. It can be a hit or just a nice track for me and that's enough, I just try to make quality music.

Who are some producers/DJs that you look up to?

Too many, there is a lot of talent. It’s hard to pick, but if I had to I would say Justin Martin, Will Clarke, Jamie Jones and Richy Ahmed always make awesome stuff.

Is there anyone, in particular, you would like to collaborate with?

Ahah, maybe the people mentioned before. :-)

Your last performance in Boston was received very well, how do you feel about tonight?

I know that it's sold out, and I heard that Bijou is a very good club... so I expect that it will be crazy.

Is there anything we should look forward to from you in 2016?

Of course, everything and more as in 2015. 

Shiba San's latest track, 'The Wig' was released January 10th via Suara. Catch his heavy House style at the Dirtybird Players Back2back Throwdown + Nice Age Label Party by Link Miami Rebels at Trade in Miami on Thursday, March 17th.    

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