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An Inside Look at the New Smithson Martin Kontrol Fighter

Smithson Martin reveals their new Kontrol Fighter at NAMM 2016 and it is very impressive

The Smithson Martin Kontrol Fighter that was unveiled at NAMM 2016 was one of the most impressive pieces of hardware that we at Magnetic saw during the entire trade show. 

Essentially, the Kontrol Fighter instantly maps to any parameter in any DAW, allowing producers to perfectly automate parameters in real time with one simple knob, then in split-seconds switches to automating another device. The ability to control parameters by hand is not necessarily new, but almost always takes an annoying amount of time to map each parameter to each individual knob on a MIDI controller. 

As shown in the video, the Kontrol Fighter (which looks straight out of an arcade), is extremely versatile and tactile. 

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Once we get our hands on one of these you can expect a full review, but from first glance it looks like an extremely useful piece of gear that can fit into any studio with ease. 

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