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Sony BMG Acquires Leading Drum and Bass Label RAM Records

Here's what the new acquisition means for the future of the label

RAM Records, belting along at the forefront of DnB excellence since 1992, has officially been acquired by Sony BMG in a provocative turn for the Drum and Bass community. Head honcho, Andy C, who runs (and will continue to run) RAM with his business partner Scott Bourne, has gone on the record with the following statement - "We have worked with lots of companies over the years, but BMG really get it. We have been incredibly impressed by Alexi and her team, and we are very excited at being able to tap into BMG's infrastructure and resources."

Who the hell is Alexi you cry? Well, she's BMG's UK EVP and she reckons, “If ever a label could be said to have defined a genre, it’s Ram. We are delighted to be able to help Andy C and Scott take Ram to the next level.” The press release also proclaims that "BMG has made a strategic investment in Ram Records designed to help the legendary drum & bass label grow in the UK and internationally while staying true to its independent roots."

We are not really sure how many levels Ram can ascend given the unholy quality of their tunes to date, but let's see! No one likes change and it's understandable that fans of the genre will be feeling a little protective. The shouts of 'sellout' may be reverberating through the speaker system of the online forums (yeesh) but personally,  I feel that mainstream integration is a bit of a fist pump for DnB's longevity. Let's not be snobs about it, as long as RAM continues to produce quality and T-Swift doesn't start in on the jump up with June Miller then we can probably all continue to breathe easy and enjoy.

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Currently residing in the RAM roster is talent such as Audio, Delta Heavy, Hamilton, June Miller, Bensley, Mind Vortex, Teddy Killerz and Wilkinson, amongst much other bad assery. They have confirmed that all releases will go ahead as planned - so nobody panic!! One may even be dropping shortly (cough - Delta Heavy) on Magnetic so we'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

In the meantime, here's Andy C's latest track to jam's titled, 'A New Era'

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