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Soundcloud Launches New Feature, Stations

The new feature creates a playlist specifically catered to what the user wants to hear

In recent months, Soundcloud has made strides to improve it's platform in order to compete with other streaming services. By adding a radio feature, called Stations, Soundcloud is leveling the playing field in a big way.

Although the "new" feature is nothing new to those who enjoy streaming, Stations allows listeners to explore music they might not otherwise come across on Soundcloud. Before Stations, Soundcloud had their Related aspect which would show tracks similar to the one the user was listening to. Now it is easier to let Soundcloud guide the listening experience catered specifically to what you want to hear.

Users can use Stations with both mobile apps on IOS or Android. To activate the Stations feature simply find a song, press the three dots at the bottom and press 'Start Track Station'.

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