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Steffi and Martyn to Release New Material as Doms & Deykers

A futuristic Techno motif serves as an introduction for what's to come from Doms & Deykers
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Dutch mainstays Martyn and Steffi have announced that they will be reuniting under their Doms & Deykers alias. 

Their follow up to Fonts For The People EP and 'Whirling' on Ostgut Ton's Zehn compilation, will be a 3 track EP titled Dedication to Those Who Feel

The new music features a cohesive pairing of both of their distinct styles, taking their influence from the '90s and bringing it into the future with modern Techno elements.

The new release is due to be release via Martyn's 3024 imprint and will also represent an introduction to what is coming later in the year, a full length Doms & Deykers LP. 

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You can listen to the track previews over at Clone.


01. It's You I See
02. Bafff
03. For Those Who Feel

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