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Steve Aoki is Being Sued as a Result of His Cake Throwing Antics

A fan got injured and blames it all on Steve Aoki
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Steve Aoki (photo by Eva Rinaldi)

Steve Aoki (photo by Eva Rinaldi)

If you know about Steve Aoki, you know what he tends to do at every concert. He throws cakes at the crowd and does a stage dive onto a raft. People have come to expect all of this when they see him perform, but it looks like those antics might have got him in a bit of trouble. Complex reports:

“[Concert Attendee] Raymond Collins is suing Aoki for a cake-related injury sustained at one of his concerts in Las Vegas last March. Collins reportedly missed being pelted in the face, but managed to slip on the cake after it hit the ground, sustaining a ‘serious head injury.’”

Complex goes on to report that Collins is “seeking damages for loss of income, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life,” further citing that this is not the first time Aoki has been sued by a fan. Back in May 2015 an incident occurred where he dove off the stage and onto a raft that subsequently broke someone's neck. This doesn't seem to be as bad as that, but the lawsuit is still being issued.

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If you go to a Steve Aoki show, you already know what's coming at you, a flying cake and a flying Aoki, so be prepared. We're not sure if this fan was new to the scene, but we'll see how this lawsuit plays out. 

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