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Stratus, real name Tristan de Liège, is getting set to release his new album on Emancipator's Loci Records.

Inspired by instrumental hiphop, jazz, downtempo artists and also his love of film soundtracks, world music and orchestral arrangements, he constantly seeks to push his sound further. On the new album he takes a different approach to writing music with samples woven between his original arrangements, morphing intricate beats into dreamy soundscapes.

"I have always been interested in how electronic musicians are able to cut up and resample sounds to create new and complex melodies. In this album I wanted to try achieving that cut-and-paste style but with a background of live instruments, such as guitars and strings. I also wanted to achieve the feeling of being immersed in places of natural beauty."

Stratus definitely achieves this by combining organic textures with unique electronic elements. He has brilliantly crafted a cohesive album with a forward-thinking motif, that serves as a proper introduction to his genre bending musical output. Listen to the album, in full below, and be sure to grab the release from Loci Records on February 26th.

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