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Los Angeles based producer Freq Nasty is one such artist that is synonymous with bass music. He was an early innovator with low frequencies and has built a solid reputation for producing forward thinking releases with a common theme of spirituality and community. He recognizes that music provides us with "a deep internal connection to everyone and everything," and strives to deliver this message through his Yoga Of Bass initiative and various seminars and live performances. There's much more to this culture than one might think and Freq Nasty is a guiding force bringing like minded people together.

In the past few years Freq Nasty has been working closely with SubPac to provide insight into how the revolutionary technology affects the listening experience. It's really all about feeling the physical aspects of music and recognizing that these frequencies can be felt in other ways besides just hearing them. In order to help us understand this better, he's provided us with a collection of tracks that accurately portray various levels of bass. He's given us a diverse collection showcasing quality music from some of the industry's best producers.

"I wanted to use an eclectic playlist to show the variation that the SubPac can deliver, from heavy electronic to more ambient, and even live music."

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1) Om Unit - 'The Crossing' [Metalheadz]

"This tune has an incredible arrangement and although very melodic, it drives the dance floor too."

2) Hypha - 'Pegasus' [Muti Music]

"Another unsung hero of West Coast Bass music. I love this guys stuff. Muti music turning up gems as always."

3) FreQ Nasty - '#1 Skanka' [FreQ Nasty Recordings] 

"I wrote this on the SubPac a couple years ago and designed the baseline to move up and down the body as it hits the different resonant frequencies internally."

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4) Phaeleh - 'Nothings Wrong' [Undertow]

"Simple, sublime with heavy subs. Big fan of this guy and he's a big fan of the SubPac."

5) David Starfire - 'Nebulous' [Amrita World]

"Bass music with stalwart David Starfire from California again. Beautiful atmospherics and clean heavy sub."

6) Miguel - 'The Valley'

"Electronic influenced RnB from Pop innovator Miguel. Dirty lyrics and dirty subs."

7) Tower of Power - 'What Is Hip' [Warner Brothers]

"This is how an electric Bass guitar line should hit the SubPac. These guys invented the 16th note funk bass line. Feel it and weep."

8) Shy FX - 'Original Nutter' [SOUR Recordings]

"OG Jungle don Shy FX drops pure Sine Wave ballistics on this classic tune."

9) Liquid Stranger - 'Cryogenics' [Interchill Records]

"Slow motion sub antics with the Stranger. He's known for his dance floor bangers but his ambient stuff is amazing."

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