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Imagine a music festival with no more GoPros, but instead of looking to the past, get ready for this to be the future. Periscope has taken the world by storm with their live broadcasting capabilities, and now they have partnered with GoPro to allow direct live broadcastings from the GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver camera. 


While this feature is definitely a good move for GoPro and it will be an amazing experience, this marks the beginning of the demise of GoPro when it comes to music festivals. Festival promoters go far out of their way to be in control of what exactly is broadcast at their festivals and they want complete control over the channels of distribution as well. 

We are in fact seeing festivals becoming more immersive with their streaming capabilities. For example, having events like Coachella broadcast each stage on different Youtube channels that you can switch between increases the brand awareness to those who want to witness what's happening. The allure of actually going to a festival may be diminished if everyone in the world can essentially be in the crowd jumping around to a GoPro head-mount stream. 

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With this new feature you can expect to see a ban of bringing GoPro's to music festivals coming soon, so get all the footage you while still you can! 

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