The Future of Dance Music Begins with The New Order - Part 2 - SNBRN

The Pioneers of Future House: Shaun Frank, SNBRN, and Dr. Fresch embark on The New Order Tour and give exclusive interviews to Magnetic Magazine. - Part 2 - SNBRN
The New Order

The New Order

"We're here to usher in the next chapter of dance music together, The New Order." -Shaun Frank.

"When everyone in on the same page, you turn the pages a lot quicker." - SNBRN. 

The New Order Tour touches down at Output in Brooklyn on February 24th - Event Page

On February 6th Future House pioneers Shaun Frank, SNBRN, and Dr. Fresch kicked off The New Order Tour to the massively packed Exchange, Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to speak to each of them before the show and gained great insight into their humble beginnings, blossoming success and bright futures. This three part installment will highlight some of the biggest up and coming names in dance music and their mission to usher in The New Order.



After consistently having every song hit #1 on Hype Machine and getting millions of plays on Soundcloud last year, Sunset House pioneer SNBRN kicks of the year right with The New Order Tour. With his debut album in the works, SNBRN is about to have yet another massive year. 

How did you begin your career in dance music and how has it grown?

  • "I wanna say almost 7 years ago, I was at a huge crossroads between metal and dance music, and in 2008 I really found this mesh, this style of music with MSTKRFT, Justice, Deadmau5 and all this stuff that just inspired me beyond what I could ever imagine. So I dropped out of school and went to another school for mixing and engineering just to get closer to this world and bring my own taste to the music. Everything I did was more about getting closer to this world around us." 

What is The New Order? 

  • "The New Order is how we felt. We all shared the same story of being annoyed with stagnation in the scene and wanting to do something different. We just looked at what was going on and said, 'let's not do this,' let's go the direction that no one is going right now. We did it on our own. It's pretty insane to watch all your friends have this same concept, the same idea and then watch music change over the next few years."

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You have had huge success with every track that you release, is there some secret formula to it?

  • "It's all about relationships. It's about building relationships with everything you do, it's how Hype Machine and Soundcloud all happen. When you put something out and when you have a loyal following that respects, promotes, and pushes whatever you put in their path, then it all just comes together. It's all still a shock though, like the fact that I'm even playing at Exchange right now is insane, I'm nervous as hell." 

You release a lot of music, if not all of your music, with Ultra. How has that record label influenced your career? 

  • "I can officially announce that I have signed an Album deal with Ultra. It's just a matter of checks and balances. I went to them because when I was talking to labels to sign a deal, I needed to surround myself with people that believed in this project. It was about who saw what I was doing and where I wanted to go and who wanted to jump on board. Ultra just has it all, they knew what was going on and they just understood. It's very comforting to have that. They are the best and they are going to continue to be the best and it's all about building on that relationship. My team at Ultra shares the same vision as I do. When everyone is on the same page, you turn the pages a lot quicker."

What would be your advice for new producers?

"It's a big circle. For years I watched my friends grow and go on their journey, never had my moment and never had anything. If you just focus on what you are doing and you stick to it, things will happen. You have to have passion, and having this drive, as cliché as it sounds, makes all the difference. Dude, I was about to quit everything, go back to school, move to San Fransisco with my family, but what really makes someone shine, is the fight. I'll be here, and you will see the same people going up as you are going down. Just build a family around you, surround yourself with good people and keep pushing and you will be surprised where it can go." 

Click below to hear their new track 'The New Order' and make sure to catch them on The New Order Tour.

Thank you to SNBRN and everyone involved in The New Order Tour for having us out, and thanks for Favian Fernandez for the photos! 

Look out for Part 3 and the conclusion of our The New Order interview series with Dr. Fresch coming soon...


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