The Future of Dance Music Begins with The New Order - Part 3 - Dr. Fresch

The Pioneers of Future House: Shaun Frank, SNBRN, and Dr. Fresch embark on The New Order Tour and give exclusive interviews to Magnetic Magazine. - Part3 - Dr. Fresch
The New Order

The New Order

"We're here to usher in the next chapter of dance music together, The New Order." -Shaun Frank.

"When everyone in on the same page, you turn the pages a lot quicker." - SNBRN.

"Always let the music be the priority, but immediately following the musicality you want to have a heavy focus on the business portion of your brand." - Dr. Fresch

The New Order Tour touches down at Output in Brooklyn on February 24th - Event Page


On February 6th Future House pioneers Shaun Frank, SNBRN, and Dr. Fresch kicked off The New Order Tour to the massively packed Exchange, Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to speak to each of them before the show and gained great insight into their humble beginnings, blossoming success and bright futures. This three part installment will highlight some of the biggest up and coming names in dance music and their mission to usher in The New Order.



Dr. Fresch has climbed the ladder of the music industry, beginning as an intern to now heading his own record label, as well as having a successful career as a DJ and producer. The experience he has gained makes his insight into the industry invaluable and he always is one to speak his mind. He lets us in on the right decisions he's made during his career and shares his key to success. 

You are a jack-of-all-trades, from running your own label to continuing to grow your career as an artist, how did this all come about? 

  • "I've always had the goal in mind of becoming an artist and a producer, trying to realize the dream that I am living right now. A lot of that business drive came from my studies at USC, and the music school there. A lot of the time I spent in internships throughout my college experience, interning at Dim Mak or Faux Entertainment Management, I interned at Atlantic in the studio for a while, so I kind of cultivated a passion for the business end of the industry too. I wanted to create a safeguard for myself in case the artist career didn't work out. Interning gave me the biggest platform I needed to succeed in business and as an artist too. The experience and the network I have now are invaluable."

What was the moment you knew that you could have a full-time career as an artists? 

  • "There were definitely some land mark moments in my career that made the vision apparent. Starting the record label, and I think the biggest one for me was getting signed to Circle Talent as an artist. I think with Circle I finally had the chance to focus on being an artist full time. Previously I had been DJing as well as working other jobs in PR, and you know the record label has always been a money maker, but it's something that we reinvest that money back into. So it's never been my primary source of revenue, eventually it will be, but for me everything became a reality when I got signed and began to tour."

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How important is it to have the right people around you?

  • "More than so many artist I think the team aspect has been integral to my success. Hamilton, my agent at Circle, was instantly someone that I connected with as a friend as well as a business partner. I'll never forget the first meeting I had with Circle when I walked in with Steve and Hamilton and I had talking points I wanted to go over, but he addressed all of them before they even came up, so I knew it was the right fit. We became such good friends from there, that's something that's very important to me and I'll segue into the relationship with my manager. I need to work with people that I'm also friends with. That's just how I operate and it has to do with trust and being able to connect with someone outside of the business sphere. My manager Peter Rugo and I were best friends in college, we started the record label together and we've really been together since day 1. So my understanding of the whole business relationship has always kind of been an equally paved path of success, whereas other artists may get a manager when they are already successful. Peter and I had had a relationship and worked together since day 1. My team is integral, that is literally the core of my career." 

What's the next year look like for Dr. Fresch?

  • "The biggest things we are focusing on with the Dr. Fresch brand, and what I'm doing artistically in the studio, is losing the necessity to stick to one bpm or one sub-genre, but to really identify the brand and on a greater level identify the Prescription brand with consistent thematic elements and instrumental elements. With Dr. Fresch we want to capture the same audience and the same vibe with something that's an indie beat Trap track as we would with a more Dr. Fresch Ghetto House track. We are finding ways to capture the same concept with a 126 G-House track compared to a 140 bpm Trap track and find consistency across genres and tempos with instrumentation. I think that within the past five years, since the big explosion of dance music, we have seen genres blend more and more and I want to find the factors that transcend genre and that are going to last long-term."

As a record label exec, what are you looking for in new artists? 

  • "The prep-school brand is identified by kind of a landmark indie-edgy sound, like a youthful rockstar vibe. It's something that extends from acts like Loud Luxury to Louis The Child who capture strong indie vibes. The one thing we look for with A&A is cohesive brand identity, from a musical point-of-view to a visual aesthetic too. It kind of has to be a whole package, an understanding from top to bottom. Where is the brand going, you have to be able to envision what music they will be making in a year, or three years and where the brand is going."  

What would be your advice for any new producers? 

  • "Always let the music be the priority, but immediately following the musicality you want to have a heavy focus on the business portion of your brand. It is a business at the end of the day. Your artistic value has to supersede all, but second has to be the business." 

Click below to hear their new song "The New Order" and make sure to catch them on Tour.

Shoutout to everyone involved in the New Order Tour for having us out, and thanks for Favian Fernandez for the photos! 


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