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Tim Farron On Supporting Cannabis Legalization - "The War On Drugs Is Over"

But UK Prime Minister David Cameron is still polishing his rifle

“The prime minister used to agree with me on the need for drug reform. It’s time he rediscovered his backbone and made the case again.”

Fighting words from Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron who is the first main party leader to push for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational and medicinal use in the UK. A cause that Labour MP Paul Flynn, and apparently David Cameron, have all previously supported. 

Since 2012, this approach has already been successfully rolled out in Colorado and Washington State. Using information from these areas, an expert panel has deemed that large economic gains to the tune of £1 billion per year could be afforded by tweaking the system in this way. £400-900 million  in tax revenues and £200-300 million skimmed from proceedings in the criminal justice system. Economically, it appears to make sense!

Tim Farron went on the record stating, “The Liberal Democrats will be releasing a report in due course that lays out the case for a legalised market for sales of cannabis. I personally believe the war on drugs is over." But as David Cameron has already nixed the legalisation of all drugs on his watch,  Mr. Farron may find himself fighting a solo battle regardless. 

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[via The Guardian]

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