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ToneDen Introduces "FanLinks," The Best Way for Artists to Connect with Fans

ToneDen was ahead of the curve with one of the first "follow to download" links, now they are bringing out the big guns.

For artists who are working the business end, you are always tracking metrics. Whether it be plays on different websites, streams versus downloads, or geolocation of fan base, it is always important for any successful artist to understand their audience. As a fan, you just want to listen to music by your favorite artists in the most convenient way possible, and that can be different for everyone. Some people prefer SoundCloud, others like YouTube, and others like iTunes or Spotify. With ToneDen's new service, FanLinks, both artists and fans can use one single link to listen to or learn about a specific track in any way they want. 

Fans can click on the link and choose which medium they would like to find the track. Artists also have the opportunity to switch up the order in which those fans see those mediums. On the other hand, Fanlink makes it much easier for artists to track their audience through every medium all at once. All they have to do is enter a Spotify or iTunes link of the song, and ToneDen does the rest. FanLinks' insight tools include seeing the number of plays across services and location, as well as whether your music is being streamed or downloaded. 

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FanLinks is free and easy and could definitely prove to be a powerful tool for any and all artists. Make your own Fanlink today for free here via Toneden.

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