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Hummmmer incoming! 

Viper’s crash landing The Sound of Drum & Bass compilation in your immediate airspace for the second year in row and our official ejector seat of choice is Loko’s exclusive track, ‘Who Are You’. 

So who is Loko? First, let it be known that he is 'not the Brazilian "LoKo" or a black rapper called "LoKo" or the drink "Four LoKo"'… all of which we are completely sweet, considering that he is Nathan Gray and a damn fine example of the calibre of talent rising up through the medium of Viper. 

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As for the jam...

"I started the idea for this tune about 18 months ago when I was a bit heartbroken, so thats where the inspiration came from - it's very much a break up vocal so if anyone's fresh out of a relationship, it will be relatable to them."

The heart's stitched back up now though guys and Loko's ready to roll!

TSDAB boasts a tidy lineup, featuring 12 new unreleased tracks and seamlessly laces classics with the up and comers. In a big nod from King cobra in the Viper pit, and A&R architect, Futurebound, Loko's tune is an instant gratification track on the Viper compilation. iTunes instant grat basically means you get an immediate download of 'Who Are You?' if you pre-order Viper Presents: The Sound of Drum and Bass before it's general release date on the 26th of Feb. It's available today so we've got a different question - what are you waiting for?

Pre-order and get the track instantly.
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