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Well, I made it. I have the Kidz Bop Kids version of "Hotline Bling" permanently stuck in my head, but I made it. Agreeing to a bet with my friend Brian that if my Panthers lost the Super Bowl I would listen to a playlist created by him for a whole week (and vice versa) seemed like a sure thing. Cam and the boys were on the road to glory and Brian was going to have to listen to 12 straight hours of Huey Lewis and the News' "Hip To Be A Square". 

Well, things didn't go as planned and I found myself on the wrong end of the auxiliary cord, chained to a playlist who's highlight was John Denver's live album. Picture me driving home in traffic belting out "Rocky Mountain High! COLORADO!" at the top of his lungs. Truth is I love John Denver so it saved my life. RIP JD. I learned a lot in this solitary confinement, how to savor an album and take the time to listen to it. Maybe not listen to it 20 times in 7 days, but try and sit with it for a while. In a time of constant access to new music cascading down your Soundcloud stream it is important to slow things down so its not just all about whats fresh. As my mother would say, "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the others gold." 

On that note, here's a bunch of new songs to keep your ADHD music mind fed. You'll find some reworks of singalong worthy classics in there to keep the balance. Now you'll have to excuse me, I have some Darth Vader breathing remixes to look up.

"Intertwine" Nifty Earth feat. Akhila Eechampati

Robbery LLC. Swindeling Group. A couple alternatives to the group that birthed this incredible sound, Thievery Corporation. Nifty Earth is doing some incredible emulation of the Rob Garza wonder crew and its lush downtempo like this that makes me believe in great instrumental electronic.

"In The Morning" Zhu, Mind of a Genius

He's not a showboat but boy is the Zhu Cruise brimming full of the best kind of fans. Like a true artist, Zhu is pulling a Picasso with his Neon period and this slow cooking sexy shining song kicks the window out and let's that fresh air in. Let's spend all spring and summer getting down to Zhu.

"Profite (Kazy Lambist Remix)" Moi Je, Crosswalk

Did we just walk into a hot, hot garden disco in sexy London 1972 or at least can we? Très chic with the intention of making shoulders shimmy and lust unleashed. This song will be yours and so will that gorgeous set of eyes you're dancing with.

"Loud Places (CLOUDCORD Remix)" Jamie XX

A song that I can never get sick of but one that I haven't heard in a while, this remix brings a progressive pop to its take and I'm diggin the energy. The vocals echo out over the bouncing beat and chords and it's well cut production gives this track something it didn't know it needed.

"Moments" Kidnap Kid feat. Leo Stannard, Birds That Fly

Moments like these are the ones that make a man. Kidnap Kid has always flown but just under the radar until now. This is a truly emotive wonder and one of the most gorgeous and softly powerful productions of the year. Leo Stannard crisply croons in the background but the string and ivory laiden shining beat takes center stage. Haunting, vivid and cinematic, this is one of the best I've heard in some time.

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"If You Ever Want To Be In Love (Nick Talos Remix)" James Bay

I'll be honest I like James Bay and whenever he's remixed well I'm gonna raise the flag and blast it. Hadn't heard until Nick Talos until my boys Win & Woo reposted him on SC but he's got some great remix tastes that can get the people going with this and one of Years & Years. This is a real weekend thumper that will certainly have dance moves going down in your kitchen pre game.

"Rehab (Mark Johns Cover prod. Tennyson)" Amy Winehouse

She really made it her own with a gorgeous voice, new delivery and fun ass production. Mark Johns is one of the freshest fresh talents out in the blogosphere and I'd like to challenge her to get out on stage a bit more in LA. I can't wait.

"Make You Love Me" Giraffage

A Bonnie Raitt cover by one of the best Cali producers out there made for Valentine's Day? Sing along and hug yourself while you listen. It's amazing.

"Paint The Silence (Klirrlicht Edit)" South

This song was on my mind this week so I searched for a remix of it on SC. Well I found literally only one and it's an edit but dammit it's pretty well done and exactly what we need. So hit play and float off to 2005 to summers hanging with Seth, Ryan, Marissa and well, Summer.

"Evolve" Imagined Herbal Flows

The cover art matches perfectly with the production and that's saying a lot because HOLY SHIT. This is great instrumental downtempo with a sprinkle of weirdness and a fun jazzy disposition. It's big wild and griz and pretty lights and awesome all rolled into one. Gorgeous music always from Imagined Herbal Flows.

Bonus Track:

"Losing U" Klingande feat. Daylight

That new new from Klingande coming in in the 11th hour. Luckily we got room for an 11th track. No sexy sax but some sexy strings instead. Much bigger sound for Mr. Klingande. I dig it. 

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